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In the wake of Covid-19, the retail and consumer goods industry has seen a fundamental change, as businesses and customers have adjusted to an increasingly digital world. Customer expectations continue to grow, and businesses must continue to meet demands for greater convenience and flexibility, online and offline, if they are to remain competitive.

However, as customers continue to enjoy the freedom of in-person shopping, a new need arises for more experience-led retail environments. Leading brands are those that seamlessly blend the digital and physical, and connect with customers at a personal level, through a combination of social marketing, events and experience design. To achieve this it is imperative that retailers offer a seamless online and offline experience to customers placing the [needs] of the customer at the core of their decision making. As the Experience Consultancy, we can make a lasting difference to how you approach CX and EX to guarantee success. 

How we can help you


We use agile principles to focus on the interventions that will have the greatest impact on realising intended benefits. We measure our work’s impact and adapt quickly. We also rely on world-leading change management methodologies such as Prosci.

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From years of experience in transforming organisations, our consultants are prepared to tackle your digital transformation goals. From the design through to public delivery, our consultants will guide you through the transformation journey. Ensuring technological advancements align seamlessly with your overarching objectives and user requirements.


Collaborating with you, we innovate and reshape your L2C journey, starting from the initial strategy and continuing through implementation. We monitor your advancements, enhance employee experience, and support the delivery of go-to-market solutions.

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We will innovate your current experience in line with user demands, crafting exceptional customer and employee experiences through design thinking and holistic strategies, guaranteeing that the customer and employee journey is meticulously designed to meet and surpass user expectations.


Understanding how you can redesign your business and operating models to use less and create less waste with an agile and customer-focused approach.

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Experiences with clients 

What's on our mind

In the sixth episode of our Snack-sized sustainability podcast, Wilf Stoddart discusses reverse logistics. Tune in to hear what reverse logistics means, how it works and benefits for organisations....


What our clients say

"These tools and frameworks offer a practical CE innovation blueprint and support the fundamental mindset shift required to drive the design and delivery of products and services that offer great experiences and work within the planetary boundaries."

Camilla Marcus-Dew


"Clarasys bring a new perspective on the CE, helping us to think about this system change through the lens of the customer and to really delve into the behavioral change implications."

Barry Waddilove

Head of Circular Economy & Partnerships

Meet the experts


Bisha Chakravorty

Bisha is an experienced consultant specialising in programme transformation and change management.  She has a breadth of consulting experience across large-scale digital transformation, programme mobilisation and end-to-end delivery. Bisha has deepened her skill set by leading programme strategies, setting up complex workstreams and creating governance offices. She intertwines this with strong change management capabilities across behavioural change, adoption as well as employee experience. She plays an advisory role to c-suite clients and takes teams through the journey. Bisha has worked across a breadth of industries including Retail, Professional Services and Government. Bisha is also a mother to two boys and a little girl.


Loïc Le Fouest

Loïc enjoys helping organisations unravel customer journeys, design exceptional customer experiences, and foster a customer-centric mindset and behaviours. With expertise in end-to-end CX transformation, he helps businesses enhance their customer-centric capabilities and make a real difference for their customers. He is a firm believer that unlocking the value of Customer Experience practice is not only necessary to help businesses thrive, it is also the key to accelerating the transition to a circular economy and a more sustainable society. He is passionate about working with other forward-looking leaders and organisations, combining CX and Behavioural Change methodologies to design experiences and business models that engage customers in meeting a new innovation sweet spot, that includes sustainability, and helps us shape a brighter future.


Simon Blosse

Simon is an experienced digital and customer-centric transformation consultant, with over 16 years of consulting across retail, consumer and information service businesses. His expertise includes digital strategy, business and technology architecture, and change management for large scale customer centric transformations - working with clients to deliver organisational customer focus and delivering great customer experiences end to end. Outside of work, playing the piano is his go-to for relaxing, and he is a big fan of the arts, particularly theatre and music.

Bisha Chakravorty

Loïc Le Fouest

Simon Blosse

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