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The road to sustainability can appear long, intimidating and with a deluge of decisions. Through our sustainability consulting services, we want to help your experience as well as your customers’ by creating a clearly defined route, broken into simple and achievable steps, that will generate meaningful results. We do this by combining our science with your stakeholders, ensuring a positive impact on people, the planet and prosperity.

How our sustainability consulting can help you


Defining your purpose and impact and how you will achieve and measure it.

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Empowering your supply chain with ESG risk mitigation and decarbonisation strategies, raising ESG performance standards and accelerating progress towards Net-Zero goals for a just and regenerative climate transition.

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Understanding how you can redesign your business and operating models to use less and create less waste with an agile and customer-focused approach.

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Circular Economy

We can help you build a future-fit organisation that unlocks the value of the circular economy with an agile and customer-focused approach.


Our partners

We believe that working as a collective towards sustainability delivers more momentum and more drive, so we collaborate with our partners to drill down into your challenges across the entire sustainability spectrum.


What’s on our mind




Our research in collaboration with The University of Exeter’s Centre for Circular Economy has revealed the importance of engaging customers in a circular economy.


What our clients say

"From the initial scope through the final deliverables, the Clarasys team was supportive, engaged and constantly seeking ways to optimize the time for our project. Their attention to detail and inquisitive nature ensured that the project not only met, but exceeded, our expectations."

Heather Granato

Vice President of Partnerships & Sustainability

"The Clarasys team were great - they quickly understood the culture of the organisation and worked with us to get the results needed. The team provided sound advice and guidance to our senior team."

Nicola Smith

Director of IT and Facilities

We are working to become a more sustainable consultancy internally too.


Closing the Loop – Can you get your customers to buy into the circular economy?


Closing the Loop is an educational game about the role of customer experience in the circular economy. Players take on the role of the Head of Commercial propositions for a commercial brewing company. Their challenge is to use best practice CX and behavioural change methodologies to design an optimised customer journey that drives adoption of their new circular product at scale. This game is informed by Clarasys’ circular economy research with the University of Exeter and was produced in collaboration with game developer Luke Brockmann.

Meet the experts


Matt Morton

Matt is an experienced sustainability consultant who joined Clarasys in 2022 from a built environment background where he supported clients in embedding ambitious strategies for carbon, water, materials, climate change and community in building and public space design. At Clarasys, he is focused on helping organisations develop and implement strategies that empower individuals and foster broader systems change to address key sustainability challenges. Matt has a strong understanding of topics such as net zero carbon, circular economy, and social impact, as well as expertise in sustainability reporting, governance, user-centric design, and data analysis. Recently, he supported with a digital discovery project for a central government department to assess and identify recommendations for a core net-zero enabling service to improve usability, transparency, innovation and efficiency. Matt also worked on a research project with the Information Services and Events industry to build actionable recommendations to improve the sustainability and customer experience of global trade shows. Outside of work, Matt enjoys trying his hand at a number of sports, going to music and stand-up comedy gigs and taking long walks with his dog.


Ruth Wilkinson

Ruth joined Clarasys in January 2022, leaving the not-for-profit sector where she worked as the Sustainability and Impact Lead at a large UK charity, to develop and implement their first sustainability strategy. She specialises in supporting businesses and not-for-profits who want to find viable ways to solve the world’s greatest problems, to increase their positive impact.Outside of work, Ruth loves open-water swimming, hiking, yoga and good food.


Sam Maguire

Sam is a principal consultant who specialises in sustainability strategy and operating model design across multiple industries. He has particular expertise in sustainable business models and designing organisations to be more circular. Having previously worked for Clarasys for four years he rejoined in May 2021 to lead the development of our internal sustainability strategy and roadmap and the formation of our sustainability proposition. Outside of work Sam enjoys playing sport, cooking and being out on his bike. Business-Green-Leaders-awards-2022-Sam-Maguire-Clarasys

Matt Morton

Ruth Wilkinson

Sam Maguire

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