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Collaborating for [ impact- driven ] solutions

As demand for their services increases, not-for-profit organisations are under increasing pressure to help their beneficiaries with fewer resources and reduced funds. Charity leaders need to plan to deliver services in new cost-effective ways, defend their benefactors from commercial competitors, and survive times of falling income from donors, fundraisers and government grant providers. When it comes to improving sustainability globally or addressing the cost of living crisis amongst other movements, not-for-profits need the right expertise to turn their strategies into realities – and then measure the impact their services create.

Since our inception in 2011, we have worked with over 60 charities and not-for-profit organisations. We make sure that charities and not-for-profits are equipped to unlock their true potential and can flourish long-term after we’ve worked with them. We work collaboratively with charities to provide strategic clarity on what truly matters – delivering quality experiences for their volunteers, donors, employees and supporters. Only then can we identify key areas for improvement – coordinating the use of people, data, and technology to prioritise what is necessary to realise these goals.

Clarasys recognises the value in your charitable mission and desired impact, and we believe we are the right people to work with you in engaging a new generation of donors, adapting to change, or improving your understanding of your customers and how you engage with them.


How we can help you

At Clarasys, our purpose is to make a difference in the way people live, work, and grow. In the non-for-profit sector, this means collaborating with charitable organisations to resolve their challenges, enabling them to sustainably deliver their desired impact to their beneficiaries.

In the face of abstraction destroying the core messages of charities’ purpose and missions, it is essential to ensure the vision and values of not-for-profit organisations are translated for a new, digital age. We can help to shape and embed a vision that aligns to the culture, values and strategic position of your organisation. We help to define a clear strategy of how your vision will be achieved, whilst balancing ambition, pragmatism and realism in the context of your not-for-profit.

Ensuring a positive digital donor and volunteering experience is more important than ever to allow not-for-profits to sustainably deliver on their mission. As charitable funding and engagement methods advance, Clarasys helps our not-for-profit clients understand how to enhance every stage of the user journey to increase conversion and strengthen loyalty. We put the needs of volunteers, supporters and users at the heart of a stand-out solution to ensure a positive experience.

Click here to find out how we ran CX workshops throughout 2020.

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Increasing efficiency in order to tackle more in a day is essential for not-for-profit organisations to achieve success. Whether it be transforming an existing service or introducing a new one, Clarasys will digitise the experience of your organisation to ensure it leads the way and hits your change objectives.

Click here to find out how we did this for Children’s Trust.

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As charities embrace the digital age they must adapt to meet a growing need for new digital services while managing the change elements: the unknowns, the risks and fundamental new ways of working. We can take the lead on delivery management, engaging and mobilising key internal stakeholders, or focus on bringing them on the journey to make change stick.

Click here to find out how we did this for Warchild.

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Many not-for-profits are just now unlocking the power of data to define opportunities and target activity. Clarasys will support you in advancing your data capabilities by targeted data analysis, innovation and organisational design to discover key insights and decisions.

Click here to find out how we did this for St John’s Ambulance.

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Experiences with clients 

What's on our mind


What our clients say

"Clarasys were able to come in with a breath of fresh air, young, vibrant, enthusiastic staff who have made a big impact on our charity. I would highly recommend Clarasys. They've been fantastic for us. And if you're going to look for a management consultancy, you need to look at Clarasys first."

Mick Duthie

Director of Operations

"Made my job as a manager of a new team even easier."

Samantha Robertson

Head of Fund Raising Strategy and Performance

"They are not just there to upsell / sell more work, they're there to try and make your organisation a better place"

Nicola Smith

Director of IT & Facilities

Meet the experts


Ed Kemp Sloan

Ed joined Clarasys in 2015, having previously worked as a consultant in the retail industry. During his time at Clarasys, he has predominantly worked as a change programme manager in healthcare, professional services and information services sectors, and is now focused on strategic advisory for N4Ps. One of his career highlights to date is conducting a strategic review of the animal welfare assurance label sector, improving the welfare of billions of animals globally. In his spare time, Ed is an avid reader and likes to travel.


Sarah Rigby

Sarah is an experienced consultant with over 10 years’ experience working across end-to-end business transformation specialising in; business analysis, process improvement, customer experience and continuous improvement. She joined Clarasys in 2019 and leads our not-for-profit portfolio, advising clients on their customer-centric strategy and how best to implement. Sarah is the employee trustee of the Clarasys's Employee Ownership Trust - in which she represents people's voices to ensure the company is operating and growing in the best interest of it's employees.

Ed Kemp Sloan

Sarah Rigby

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