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How do we successfully transform an existing digital service or introduce a new one? And how do we make sure our technology implementation aligns with our lead to cash objectives?

We work to enhance every stage of the journey to strengthen conversion and build loyalty because we are driven by an ambition to help you do things better. We qualify and quantify where the customer experience is being undermined and build strategies that will ensure expectations are not just met but exceeded.

We cover these main areas: major business change, malfunction of a current experience, market opportunity for innovation and a disruptive idea that could attract and retain more customers.

How we can help

Understanding your real CX

Care about your end customers by listening to the real experience they are having today at every interaction, so that you can ascertain what they value and their frustrations.

Create a data-led understanding of the motivation and needs of your current and aspirational customers.

Assess how your systems, internal processes and the organisation’s culture are currently impacting your CX.

Engage your employees to discover further insights about your customers and how to best serve them.


Use market and customer insight to shape your CX vision.

Define what good CX means in the context of your organisation so that CX becomes the primary driver of competitive advantage.

Articulate a clear CX strategy that will deliver against your customer and is aligned with the wider business strategic objectives.

Agree key performance indicators against your business goals and different CX aims, that allows you to holistically measure success and create organisation wide alignment and focus.

Delivering changes to transform your CX

Assess the wider transformation agenda, championing and prioritising customer value programmes.

Complete a gap analysis of where you are today against the desired CX future state across people, process and technology landscape.

Identify what is needed to enable the organisation to deliver the CX that customers want and exceeds their expectations.

Include customers throughout your product or project lifecycle to continuously test and learn and ensure outcomes are CX driven.

Co-creating experiences with your customers

Put your customer at the centre of your design and delivery processes.

Design products and services that deliver initially against a minimum viable experience and can then be continuously iterated and enhanced through customer feedback.

Establish the operating model and governance that will allow you to effectively and consistently deliver against your customers’ expectations.

Assemble and empower mixed teams to collaboratively design the future experience from an outside – in perspective.

Fostering a customer centric culture teal

Formulate the desired employee experience that will be most conducive to driving excellent customer outcomes.

Establish an organisation-wide cultural standard that puts the customer first in all decisions.

Embed a customer-centric mindset, behaviours and frontline principles across your teams.

Empower your employees with the right authority, environment, tools and data to support, deliver and innovate for your customers.

Set objectives, governance, roles, tools, and reporting that will enable your people to be operationally equipped for delivering and measuring CX success.


Define and create personalised experiences that drive maximum customer engagement, and return on investment.

Build customer loyalty by making personalised and tailored moments that matter

Develop and architect the right systems and data to enable powerful personalisation

Assess and maximise return on investment by getting the balance between cost and benefit for your personalisation strategy and implementation

Embrace experimentation to adapt and drive true benefit by learning from your customers


Who we have helped with customer experience transformation...




Is your business making the move to a subscription model?

Register your interest in our workshop to find out whether a recurring revenue model is right for your business, what it will take to make it  work, and how it could add the most value.  

What’s on our mind



Our research in collaboration with The University of Exeter’s Centre for Circular Economy has revealed the importance of engaging customers in a circular economy.


What our clients say

"Clarasys people really cared about getting it right..."

Alya Chaudhry

Transformation Programme Director

"There are very few organisations in and around the UK that would be able to help you better."

Kennedy Warwick

Enterprise Process Owner for Data


Closing the Loop – Can you get your customers to buy into the circular economy?


Closing the Loop is an educational game about the role of customer experience in the circular economy. Players take on the role of the Head of Commercial propositions for a commercial brewing company. Their challenge is to use best practice CX and behavioural change methodologies to design an optimised customer journey that drives adoption of their new circular product at scale. This game is informed by Clarasys’ circular economy research with the University of Exeter and was produced in collaboration with game developer Luke Brockmann.


Loïc Le Fouest

Loïc enjoys helping organisations unravel customer journeys, design exceptional customer experiences, and foster a customer-centric mindset and behaviours. With expertise in end-to-end CX transformation, he helps businesses enhance their customer-centric capabilities and make a real difference for their customers. He is a firm believer that unlocking the value of Customer Experience practice is not only necessary to help businesses thrive, it is also the key to accelerating the transition to a circular economy and a more sustainable society. He is passionate about working with other forward-looking leaders and organisations, combining CX and Behavioural Change methodologies to design experiences and business models that engage customers in meeting a new innovation sweet spot, that includes sustainability, and helps us shape a brighter future.


Simon Blosse

Simon is an experienced digital and customer-centric transformation consultant, with over 16 years of consulting across retail, consumer and information service businesses. His expertise includes digital strategy, business and technology architecture, and change management for large scale customer centric transformations - working with clients to deliver organisational customer focus and delivering great customer experiences end to end. Outside of work, playing the piano is his go-to for relaxing, and he is a big fan of the arts, particularly theatre and music.


Tom Carpenter

Tom joined Clarasys in November 2014 following two years at Detica. Tom is one of our most experienced CX and agile digital product specialists. Since joining Clarasys, Tom has delivered numerous CX discovery and digital transformation projects across a range of industries from healthcare to financial services. This enables Tom to advise on best-practice customer experiences and delivering in an agile and user-centric manner across the end-to-end lifecycle. Tom’s background in business architecture ensures design and definition of solutions that put the users and customers at the heart. This, coupled with broad technical expertise, ensures a solution can be defined that truly solves the client’s needs. In his spare time, Tom is an avid Formula One and cycling fan.

Meet the experts

Loïc Le Fouest

Simon Blosse

Tom Carpenter

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