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Food and Beverage is currently undergoing a substantial transformation, encountering challenges and opportunities in consumer behaviour and needs. This evolution necessitates a nuanced approach to meet consumer demand and market dynamics.

At Clarasys, our consultants possess a deep understanding of the evolving Food and Beverage landscape. We empower Food and Beverage businesses with strategic solutions and provide proven expertise to thrive in this dynamic sector.


Overview of how the Food and Beverage sector is changing

Through our experience working with a diverse range of Food and Beverage organisations, several key trends have emerged, prompting a significant shift in operations. 

  1. Customer Experience: The industry recognises the pivotal role of exceptional customer experiences to stand out among competitors. Companies must understand changing consumer preferences and expectations towards healthier and sustainable options such as plant-based products, functional waters etc.
  2. Supply Chain: Technology integration has accelerated, enhancing supply chain efficiency and customer service standards. More than ever, companies are exploring new technology to improve supply chain processes.
  3. Sustainability: Embracing sustainability, Net Zero targets ranging from 2030 to 2050 are driving initiatives to tackle food waste and environmental impact, aiming to attract sustainability-focused consumers and employees.
  4. Cost of Living: F&B companies are experiencing a push for more affordable products following recent price increases, compelling a focus on efficiency gains and cost reduction strategies.
  5. Market Volatility: Finally, the sector also faces challenges, including growing risks of supply chain shortages and disruptions due to climate change and global instability.

How we can help you

Our experienced consultants will design effective strategies to minimise waste, optimise resources, and create sustainable value loops. This encompasses aiding in designing the to-be operating model, drafting service design blueprints and collaborating within your delivery teams to ensure that solutions align with customer needs in the context of a circular economy.

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We are well-positioned to support with embedding sustainability into supply chains, from evaluating and managing ESG risks through to creating supplier engagement programmes that accelerate decarbonisation. We do this through combining our capabilities in change management, process optimisation and data governance with our sustainability expertise and technology partner network.

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Our consultants bring their data experience from multiple industries to scrutinise your current processes. We will design a data structure that leverages existing and future data to understand and anticipate your consumer’s behaviour and preferences, ensuring your strategies are finely tuned to these insights.

From years of experience in transforming organisations, our consultants are prepared to tackle your digital transformation goals. From the design through to public delivery, our consultants will guide you through the transformation journey. Ensuring technological advancements align seamlessly with your overarching objectives and user requirements.

We will innovate your current experience in line with consumer demands, crafting exceptional customer experiences through design thinking and holistic CX strategies, guaranteeing that the customer journey is meticulously designed to meet and surpass user expectations.

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At Clarasys, our rich experience in the Food and Beverage sector has equipped us to understand the challenges faced by businesses and to develop customised solutions that drive sustainable growth and innovation. We are dedicated to assisting companies in the Food and Beverage industry to achieve their objectives, optimise operations, and establish a lasting impact within the rapidly evolving market. Let us partner with you on this journey towards excellence and sustainable success in the Food and Beverage landscape.

Experiences with clients 

What we're thinking


What our clients say

In a very short period of time, and really efficiently with a really low level of intrusion on the daily working of the team, Clarasys were able to deliver a project in exactly the form that they said it would be delivered…they delivered a finished product exactly as promised. 

Ben Rick

We had a really good chemistry with the Clarasys guys. They came in, no airs and graces. They talked to the people who really mattered at the front line which you don’t necessarily get, I find, when talking to other consultants. 

Anthony Mclaughlin

There are very few organisations in and around the UK that would be able to help you better. 

Kennedy Warwick

Meet the experts


Loïc Le Fouest

Loïc enjoys helping organisations unravel customer journeys, design exceptional customer experiences, and foster a customer-centric mindset and behaviours. With expertise in end-to-end CX transformation, he helps businesses enhance their customer-centric capabilities and make a real difference for their customers. He is a firm believer that unlocking the value of Customer Experience practice is not only necessary to help businesses thrive, it is also the key to accelerating the transition to a circular economy and a more sustainable society. He is passionate about working with other forward-looking leaders and organisations, combining CX and Behavioural Change methodologies to design experiences and business models that engage customers in meeting a new innovation sweet spot, that includes sustainability, and helps us shape a brighter future.


Sam Maguire

Sam is a principal consultant who specialises in sustainability strategy and operating model design across multiple industries. He has particular expertise in sustainable business models and designing organisations to be more circular. Having previously worked for Clarasys for four years he rejoined in May 2021 to lead the development of our internal sustainability strategy and roadmap and the formation of our sustainability proposition. Outside of work Sam enjoys playing sport, cooking and being out on his bike. Business-Green-Leaders-awards-2022-Sam-Maguire-Clarasys


Simon Blosse

Simon is an experienced digital and customer-centric transformation consultant, with over 16 years of consulting across retail, consumer and information service businesses. His expertise includes digital strategy, business and technology architecture, and change management for large scale customer centric transformations - working with clients to deliver organisational customer focus and delivering great customer experiences end to end. Outside of work, playing the piano is his go-to for relaxing, and he is a big fan of the arts, particularly theatre and music.

Loïc Le Fouest

Sam Maguire

Simon Blosse

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