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Problems with operational and process efficiency, regulatory compliance, technology, transformation, and digital change are common. Increased client demands, needs, and organisational competitiveness present additional difficulties. Adding to this unique mix of challenges is that many professional service firms are partnerships.

You want to drive productivity, increase profitability, and limit waste. To do this you sell people expertise, niche service offerings, or specific technical knowledge. We ensure that you continue to evolve and help you understand your challenges so that you can successfully navigate towards your strategic goals.

We offer experience in your sector and can help you – and your partnerships – to collaborate, explore root issues, prioritise ideas, and shape recommendations for solutions.

How we can help you


When your vision, outcomes, and technology have been established – we’re able to support with change management to make change stick.

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Whether you are at the beginning or part-way through your project or programme, we can take the lead on delivery management, engaging with all internal stakeholders and external partners.


When you need a framework for change that addresses the relationship between your business architecture, technology and people, we ensure that your experience works well.


We apply our knowledge of systems, people, data, and processes, to deliver end-to-end customer experiences that build sales. We give you a streamlined and targeted experience, from marketing and lead generation, through to conversion, processing and collection.

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At the outset – or if you need to rethink plans – we analyse, innovate, and design how your experience should work, end-to-end.

Experiences with clients 

What's on our mind

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What our clients say

"Clarasys focused on the Customer Experience, not just the systems or tool, and provided a thorough approach to map these things in a useful way together."

Steve Hopkins

Chief Customer Success Officer

"[Clarasys provides] great change and technology delivery support, including access to reliable third parties. The team embeds really well with the business. I love working with such a friendly and collaborative team!"

Karen Winter

Chief Operations Officer

Meet the experts


Bisha Chakravorty

Bisha is an experienced consultant specialising in programme transformation and change management.  She has a breadth of consulting experience across large-scale digital transformation, programme mobilisation and end-to-end delivery. Bisha has deepened her skill set by leading programme strategies, setting up complex workstreams and creating governance offices. She intertwines this with strong change management capabilities across behavioural change, adoption as well as employee experience. She plays an advisory role to c-suite clients and takes teams through the journey. Bisha has worked across a breadth of industries including Retail, Professional Services and Government. Bisha is also a mother to two boys and a little girl.


Ed Kemp Sloan

Ed joined Clarasys in 2015, having previously worked as a consultant in the retail industry. During his time at Clarasys, he has predominantly worked as a change programme manager in healthcare, professional services and information services sectors, and is now focused on strategic advisory for N4Ps. One of his career highlights to date is conducting a strategic review of the animal welfare assurance label sector, improving the welfare of billions of animals globally. In his spare time, Ed is an avid reader and likes to travel.


Honor Stott

Honor has proven expertise in the delivery of complex projects requiring strong product management, business analysis and stakeholder management. She has an analytical mindset and excels at bringing together divergent requirements, coordinating projects with multiple moving parts and aligning stakeholder perspectives around a common goal. Outside work Honor leads an active lifestyle playing netball, running and trying out various gym classes.

Bisha Chakravorty

Ed Kemp Sloan

Honor Stott

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