Welcome to Clarasys

Every day we create value for our clients by solving their problems.
We are a team of consultants who love to create simplicity from complexity.

We analyse and solve problems to help our clients be more successful

Our work normally involves supporting the implementation of process change, often with a systems component.
Our clients vary in size from small firms and charities to fortune 1000 global companies.

Business analysis

True business analysis not only looks at what needs to be done, but why and how; ensuring you solve the real problem, simplifying and enabling the opportunities offered by technology solutions

Project management

Planning and management of projects and programmes, enabling successful delivery through strong leadership, structure and governance.

Change management

Working closely with users and key stakeholders to build the correct strategies and processes to control and manage the amount of change that impacts on those affected.

Agile coaching

We build Agile delivery organisations that can perform consistently throughout the year and scale and flex in line with the level of change in the business.

Sales and marketing processes that enable growth
Let us help you grow your business

Our work

  • providing sales pipeline visibility

    We've worked with a large, global events company to enable more effective use of an underutilised CRM system (Salesforce.com). With disengaged users and a lack of intelligent reporting information there was a big challenge at hand.
    Clarasys established an effective delivery framework to enhance governance and also transformed the IT delivery approach, the organisation adopted an Agile way of working to deliver benefits quicker and in an iterative way.
    With improved business processes and delivery capability, the organisation finally started seeing a return on their technology investments.

  • reducing overheads in the “Quote to cash” sales process

    "We worked with a fibre telecommunications company to help their sales and order management team work more efficiently in delivering excellent service to their customers. Grown through acquisition, staff were struggling to get orders fulfilled on time due to a complex mix of legacy process and systems.
    Clarasys worked with key members of staff to establish a common process and drove the business change required to make a substantial efficiency gain."

About our company

Clarity through analysis

We focus on your business priorities to allow us to direct efforts towards the key business process. We believe it is critical to engage directly with a wide range of stakeholders from senior managers to frontline staff, from problem definition through to initial solution realisation and rollout. We favour personal contact over poring through reams of paper, although we firmly believe in the right level of documentation.


We're based in London Bridge, at Unit 11.3.2 in the Leathermarket, Weston St, London SE1 3ER.


  1. Matt Cheung

    Matt has over 14 years experience of delivering difficult business change programmes and projects. Matt worked for PwC Consulting, before moving to the Berkeley Partnership, then becoming an independent consultant before starting Clarasys with Chris and Claudia.

    "I think I've...

  2. Chris Hamilton
    Chris Hamilton

    Chris has worked for over 13 years delivering business-driven IT projects across a range of industries, primarily in the field of Customer Relationship Management. Chris worked for Hitachi, Otis Elevator and Amadeus before moving into consulting with Detica through their purchase of Extraprise (...

  3. Claudia Meyer-Scott
    Claudia Meyer-Scott

    Claudia has over 13 years of experience in delivering difficult business change programs and projects. Claudia has worked for Diners Club, Citibank and boutique CRM consultancies and most recently as an independent consultant, concentrating on Business Analysis, Training and Change Management....

  4. Mick Murphy
    Mick Murphy

    Mick joined Clarasys in February 2011 and has 7 years of industry and consulting experience.

    "Before joining Clarasys, I worked for Atos where I gained experience in testing, test management and service management, mostly on a large NHS project. I enjoyed my time at a large...

  5. Michelle Tackie
    Michelle Tackie

    Michelle joined Clarasys in October 2011 and has 5 years of consultancy experience.

    "Prior to joining Clarasys, I worked as a consultant for Logica (now CGI) and for an Independent Financial Advisory as an IT Consultant. During my time working with both of these companies, I gained...

  6. Hass Jishi
    Hass Jishi

    Hass joined Clarasys in December 2011 and has 6 years' consultancy experience.

    "Previously aligned to both management and technology consulting at Accenture, I gained experience across a number of different industries and project types – from strategic advisory for financial...

  7. Jo Bennett
    Jo Bennett

    Jo joined Clarasys in May 2012 and has been working in consultancy for 4 years.

    "Prior to Clarasys, I worked for Detica (now BAE Systems Detica - a technology consultancy) where I held a number of business analysis roles in both Government and Commercial clients. My engineering and...

  8. Andrew Harrison
    Andrew Harrison

    Andrew joined Clarasys in September 2012 and has been working in consulting roles for nearly 5 years.

    "I joined Clarasys after completing further education, but had previously been working at HSBC performing business process re-engineering and business analysis roles. Prior to this I...

  9. Emily Jenkins
    Emily Jenkins

    Emily joined Clarasys in September 2012 after graduating from the University of Southampton with a degree in Management.

    "Since joining Clarasys I have been working with a global events and media company on a large programme to drive customer excellence through a single view of the...

  10. Charlie Dalrymple-Smith
    Charlie Dalrymple-Smith

    Charlie joined Clarasys in January 2013, prior to which he gained 7 years consultancy experience in Engineering and Data Analytics.

    "Before I joined Clarasys, I worked for BAE Systems Detica as a data analyst. I was responsible for the implementation and delivery of Detica's...

  11. Jamie Smith
    Jamie Smith

    Jamie joined Clarasys in May 2013 and has 4 years' consulting experience working in analytics and delivery roles.

    "Previously I held the position of consultant in Accenture's Technology Consultancy workforce where I spent nearly 4 years. Working primarily in the consumer...

  12. Lawrence Mercer
    Lawrence Mercer

    Lawrence joined Clarasys in May 2013 and has 4 years of experience as a business analyst and consultant.

    "I was previously working as a consultant within Accenture's Financial Services division. My role covered a number of different projects at a major UK bank, including process...

  13. Alice Buratti
    Alice Buratti

    Alice joined Clarasys in July 2013 and has been working in consultancy since January 2008.

    "Before I joined Clarasys, I worked as a consultant for Accenture and then for RTS, both in Italy.

    I spent almost 4 years in Accenture, working mainly on implementations of SAP's...

  14. Cian Morrissey
    Cian Morrissey

    Cian joined Clarasys in September 2013 after completing degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Finance at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

    "Along with the other graduates, I have completed a month of rigorous training while also beginning work on my first internal project...

  15. Amy Rodmell
    Amy Rodmell

    Amy joined Clarasys in September 2013 after completing a degree in Classics at King's College London.

    "I joined Clarasys as an Associate Consultant as the company provided a unique opportunity where my existing skills could be nurtured, developed and enhanced. As a recent...

  16. Robin Baines
    Robin Baines

    Robin joined Clarasys in October 2013 and has 3 years of experience in business analysis and consultancy roles.

    "Prior to joining Clarasys, I worked as a business analyst for a software house delivering and maintaining functionality on an end-to-end system for the utilities industry....

  17. Robbie Motamed

    Robbie joined Clarasys in December 2013 with 3 years consulting experience.

    'Prior to joining Clarasys, I spent 3 years with a boutique management consulting firm working for a large public sector organisation. My roles were mainly focused on cross-functional process improvement and cost...

  18. Adam Calderhead
    Adam Calderhead

    Adam joined Clarasys in February 2014 with 3 years industry and consulting experience.

    "Prior to joining Clarasys I worked within the Management Consulting stream at Accenture, focusing predominantly within Learning Collaboration, Learning Strategy and Training Delivery. I worked...

  19. Tim Hawke
    Tim Hawke

    Tim joined Clarasys in March 2014 with 7 years industry and consulting experience.

    ""Prior to joining Clarasys I spent 5 ½ years within the Operations Transformation practice at PwC. Working primarily in the Industrial Products, Energy and Utilities sectors, I focused on large...

  20. Emma McArthur

    Emma joined Clarasys in March 2014 with 4 years industry and consulting experience.

    "Prior to joining Clarasys, I spent three years consulting with Davanti consulting in New Zealand and a year working with Virgin Atlantic Airways implementing PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance. While...

  21. Kristian Jenner
    Kristian Jenner

    Kristian joined Clarasys in June 2014 with 3 years of technology consulting experience.

    "Prior to joining Clarasys, I spent 3 years with Accenture working as a Systems Integration Consultant across a variety of industries. My roles were mainly focused on the Integration Architecture for...

  22. Philli Daughtrey
    Philli Daughtrey

    Philli joined Clarasys in July 2014 with 4 years consulting experience.

    "I was attracted to Clarasys primarily because it gives me the opportunity to gain valuable exposure to a variety of high profile clients whilst also working as part of a close-knit team. Contributing to the...

  23. Neil Harte
    Neil Harte

    Neil joined Clarasys in July 2014 with three and a half years consulting experience.

    “Prior to joining Clarays I worked with Accenture in the Oil & Gas, Mining and Transportation industries, focused on training and business analysis. My most recent projects included transport...

  24. Calum Gray
    Calum Gray

    Calum joined Clarasys in July 2014 with 3 years consulting experience.

    "Prior to joining Clarasys, I spent 3 years at IBM as an SAP Implementation Consultant. I worked with a number of major clients such as nPower, the Department for Work and Pensions and British American Tobacco....

  25. Camilla Austerberry
    Camilla Austerberry
    Associate Consultant

    Camilla joined Clarasys in August 2014 after graduating from Durham University with a degree in French and Russian.

    ''I joined Clarasys as an Associate Consultant as the size of the company guarantees a unique level of exposure and responsibility from the outset. Furthermore,...