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We all want to love our jobs and to love going to work every day. We want to be spurred on to do awesome things. We want to make a difference. We want to feel empowered.

We believe we have a winning solution to create the best experience for your employees.
Why are we so confident? Because we’ve done it ourselves.

We have an internal Insights & Improvements team whose key focus is to provide insights on what matters to employees, enabling intelligent and informed decision-making across the business. We maintain that listening to and using employee feedback can [ accelerate ] improvements in your customer experience.


Why do we recommend this?

By focusing on the human, tools and the physical a true picture of the experience is created.
We engage all levels of your organisation so that any change is co-created with your teams, to meet everyone's expectations.
Our approach ensures we give insight and enable quick decision making.
We build your teams up for success so that they are empowered to listen, action and drive the adoption of the new changes forward.

What’s on our mind

The way we communicate change can have a lasting impact on the success of any transformation. Whether it’s the way the change team communicates with the leadership team, as we explored in a previous...


What our employees say

"I joined Clarasys so that I could work within a friendly and family-like company where I could make more of an impact. While being here, I have worked with both start ups to multinational companies on interesting and fast-paced projects. The open and supportive culture provided by Clarasys has given me the autonomy to really develop both on client and internally."

Steph Helness

Senior Consultant

" I chose Clarasys because I didn't want to get lost in a large organisation and be just a number. Right from the start everyone was really friendly, giving a 'family' like feel to the company. The role is varied and my time is split between client work and internal work, developing Clarasys as a company."

Emily Jenkins

Principle Consultant

Meet the experts


Lindsay Cameron

Lindsay is a principal consultant with 12+ years of experience specialising in large scale transformational change, including organisational change and programme leadership. She collaborates with clients to deliver complex global programmes and ensure a people-centric experience for employees and users during transformation. Lindsay has led teams and projects across UK, Europe, US and Asia Pacific, working with clients across the life sciences, telecoms, retail and technology sectors. Most recently, she has led the change management for a client’s new global capability centre in India and transition of roles from across 10 global support functions. She has also led the Asia Pacific roll out of Workday at a major Tech firm to 11 markets and the implementation of a product-led operating model for a Telco’s IT department. Outside of work, Lindsay enjoys cooking and sharing food with friends, walking, cycling and is renovating her home.


Loïc Le Fouest

Loïc enjoys helping organisations unravel customer journeys, design exceptional customer experiences, and foster a customer-centric mindset and behaviours. With expertise in end-to-end CX transformation, he helps businesses enhance their customer-centric capabilities and make a real difference for their customers. He is a firm believer that unlocking the value of Customer Experience practice is not only necessary to help businesses thrive, it is also the key to accelerating the transition to a circular economy and a more sustainable society. He is passionate about working with other forward-looking leaders and organisations, combining CX and Behavioural Change methodologies to design experiences and business models that engage customers in meeting a new innovation sweet spot, that includes sustainability, and helps us shape a brighter future.

Lindsay Cameron

Loïc Le Fouest

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